2D & 3D Building Services​

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2D & 3D Building Services

Computer-aided drafting, or CAD, has revolutionised architectural drafting and business management planning alike. CAD software is constantly evolving as bugs are fixed and new features are added – navigating and learning how to use an extensive range of CAD software available can be a bit much for most people to do on their own. That is where we come in! At CAD London, we use the latest premium software that allows us to create both 2D CAD drawings and 3D CAD design services for even the most complicated projects. We combine in-depth knowledge of building services with practical expertise in all things CAD, to offer a wide range of 2D CAD drawings and 3D CAD drawings that provide workable, practical solutions to your problems.

 Regardless of whether you wish to hire us for a single project or multiple ones, there are many benefits to having a 2D CAD drawing or 3D CAD drawing for your projects created professionally. Such models allow you to: 

  •         Achieve the highest possible electrical and mechanical coordination during construction, which significantly limits accidents and boosts efficiency;
  •         Verify designs with ease – this will ensure that there are minimal on-site coordination issues, and will improve communication with your clients;
  •         Identify clashes and other issues – which also gives you more control over the design when it comes to the installation phase;

·         Have all your ideas documented in one place and in the form of high-quality files, which you may tweak or share as you please!

The Wonders of 2D and 3D CAD Design

Both 2D CAD drawings and 3D CAD drawings can be utilized outside of architecture too. Are you designing a motorcycle helmet? A furniture series? A fountain? You can have 2D or 3D CAD design models made for all of these via 3D rendering – the possibilities are endless!

 3D rendering is an umbrella term for the processes used to create photorealistic images and videos from 2D designs. These 2D designs could be paper drafts used as references, or 2D drafts created digitally. Our CAD technicians London can add the necessary annotations and elements to these and create flawless 3D images in no time at all!

3d CAD Design London of a house, with garden driveway and vehicle parked outside
3D CAD design of private jet flying away from a mountain range

3D Clash Detection

3D clash detection is an especially useful quirk of our CAD building services. For this, we use cutting edge clash detection software to point out possible contradictions or concerns in 3D models that may not be visible in 2D ones. In our years of 2D and 3D building, we have noticed a higher knack for unidentified clashes in 2D models. These minor clashes can turn into expensive problems on-site, so they need to be highlighted at the initial design stage so you can save a lot of money and effort later!

 We create 2D designs with the utmost attention to detail, but we often convert them to 3D simply for the sake of clash detection. Our 3D CAD designs have high visibility, which makes them perfect for visual verification and generating clash detection reports. We also provide these reports in the form of detailed presentations you can use to impress your boss!