2D CAD Drafting​

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2D CAD Drawing - 2D CAD Drafting

2D drafting is a relatively simple process, especially compared to 3D CAD drawing, and our CAD technicians have satisfied tons of London customers with their 2D drawings so far, so rest assured that yours will be perfect too!

Conventional 2D CAD Drafting

Have you got hundreds or even thousands of hand-drawn layouts or plans lying around in an archive or basement somewhere because of how difficult it is to convert them to digital plans? If these layouts are of no use to you in their current state, you ought to consider our base-level 2D CAD drawing and drafting.

 We use a simple digital tracing technique to convert outdated layout formats – like paper drawings or 2D microfiche versions – into digitally mastered formats. We begin by taking a record of existing drawings or layouts using more conventional drafting methods – like raster to vector scanning – and then redraw them completely using different CAD software. The resulting digital drawings are faithful to the original while simultaneously improving upon them – this is because all of our 2D drafts are cleaner and more accurate than the original! You will receive the final drafts as a usable electronic CAD file.

 Additionally, we can create a 2D draft from scratch using 2D CAD software that is quicker and more precise than traditional drafting methods and can be completed without the use of technical drawing instruments like stencils. Such drafts are best used for planning blueprints on a basic level since they do not allow for the creation of scale or perspectives. All our 2D drawings are produced to meet our exacting standards and your specified time frame for delivery.

Pencil and paper showing a 2D CAD Drawing
The corner of a black and white building designed by a CAD agency

2D Extraction

At CAD London, we believe in taking every service a step further, even the boring ones like 2D drafting. 2D extraction is an exciting by-product of 2D drafting. Let’s say you’ve got some beautiful 3D designs that made marketing and presentations a breeze, but these designs aren’t much use when it comes to actual construction, nor can they be used as legal documentation.

 In such cases, we use 2D drafting to extract the necessary 2D documentation from 3D models and use it to generate a detailed 2D framework. This can be done for elevations, floor plans, utility system plans, mounting or dismantling layouts, furniture layout; you name it! We can also add colours or annotations to the final 2D draft to make it easier to use!

2D CAD Drawing - Record Drawings

Once your project is completed, you may need to provide an accurate record of all proceedings to your boss or client. We offer 2D drawings to help you record everything your team did during the project’s installation or construction. These drawings will form a master set of client markups, survey results, and installation records. For older buildings, we also offer verification surveys for existing record drawings. 

Record drawings are a lovely perk to offer your clients as a part of their regular package because they make it easy to incorporate changes that may not have been recorded during the project’s life span, while also providing an excellent starting point for future projects!

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