3D Modelling & Visualisation

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3D CAD Drawing - 3D Modelling & Visualisation

Our CAD technicians London are the best in town, which is why we specialise in 3D modelling and visualisation. Our 3d CAD design services are available in the following areas.

Basic 3D Visualisation

3D visualisation is quickly becoming a norm for both developers and architects, which makes it imperative for engineers, contractors, and builders to be able to use 3D designs for demonstrating their expertise as well. We use 3D CAD software to develop models, coordination drawings, and detailed visuals – all of which can be of great assistance during presentations or project installation. You could also use these models in the future when considering maintenance, renovation, or replacements.

 3D models always have a greater impact than their 2D counterparts because they allow you to convey your ideas in a more tangible way without incurring actual material costs. Our photorealistic 3D visuals are a cost-effective way of communicating designs before committing to a project fully, but if you would like to take things further we can convert these renderings into clay models!

Three tall buildings built using CAD services in London
tall building as seen on a 3D CAD drawing

3D CAD Design Services - Business Information Modelling

BIM, or Business Information Modelling, is a derivative of 3D CAD design that offers a holistic approach to both design and construction – it creates an intelligent shared resource that is available to an entire team throughout the construction process. When it comes to drawings, think of BIM as an even better version of 3D CAD designs. Our BIM solutions aim to close the perplexing gap that often arises between construction drawings and design drawings.

 Our team of CAD technicians is well-versed in creating collaborative and immersive BIM designs – we use specialised software to create designs ranging from single rooms to entire buildings; these designs can easily be updated with new information and reused. The UK government committed to implementing 3D BIM in public sector projects in 2016, which makes it essential for even the smallest business companies to have a BIM framework so they can keep up.

Cloud-Based CAD Services

CAD Services London offers several cloud-based services to go with our 3D CAD design services. We use point cloud scanning, an innovative 3D laser scanning procedure, to create surveys for project or construction sites. We use the latest colour point cloud technology to capture accurate data from the site and create a highly detailed digital 3D model. Individual scans form 3D point clouds, and these ‘clouds’ are then stitched together to create a full, high quality, and coloured model. Point clouds can also be used as reference backdrops, on which you can add elevations and other sections during building planning.

Because of how precise laser scanning results are, point clouds eliminate the possibility of human error while simultaneously allowing you to take your clients on an immersive digital tour of the project site. Point clouds can be used to extract the measurements of any objects within them – no matter how small – which can be recorded in both 2D and 3D formats.

2D CAD drawing at night